NOV 2012 Experiements


26/11/12 Playing with 'short-throw' projectors

using the bodies+bags(moving-in-between) artwork:

this projector is interactive, the pen I am holding controls the mouse (in the same manner as a laser pointer)

or you can use the pen to move the cursor on the surface the projection is on, similar to drawing. By moving the cursor in this way, you have to actually get down onto the ground and stretch out as you want to interact with the lines.

The movement of the lines felt much more pronounced - as your hand (the pen-as-cursor) had to move with them in order to activate them as buttons. You had to stretch your body out into the space with the unfolding lines and photographs.

Then when the animated sequences of the blurred movements and traced lines appeared, you were in the mix with them projection. The blurred photographs stretched in similar ways to your hand already stretching.

I kept thinking of a game of twister, and how much fun a multi-cursor version would be where you had to stretch out in order to activate two sections at once. ... sort of like packing .... stretching, moving, juggling materials, only here it is 'digital' not the actual matter-based objects...

the more I played with the work in this large-scale format, projected on the ground, the more familiar the actions of controling it became to the process of packing (i.e. sitting on the floor, crouching, twisting your body and your limbs). Definitely incorporating a floor-level type of interaction is necessary, as the movements while packing (for most people) are conducted on the floor ...

Then to experiment some more with different types of works, I tried out my Expansion Series work with the short-throw projector and the input was the Kinect:

Although the kinect is really great at finding your hands and using them as the cursor, the angle of it is designed for front on interaction, whereas when I tried to move it lower to the ground, or pointing downwards (to allow for my hands to be able to touch the projection area on the ground), it really struggled and kept loosing the cursor position.

But the idea of short-throw projections on the floor really was the most important discovery. Now to tailor a work where the interactive points (buttons) are forcing people to get onto the floor and stretch and move as they navigate the work....